Audimaxim BT-330 Trådløs Bluetooth Lydplanke

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If you don’t have any sound cable embedded in your living room or other room, but want to experience the shocking audio effect of cinema level, BT-330 Soundbar should be your ideal choice. Different from other soundbar products on the market, BT-330 is designed according to the standard of fixed installation theater sound system in terms of material and sound. It is equipped with a high power wireless active subwoofer and multiple input interfaces. It does not need complicated installation settings. It only needs to be hung on the wall to enjoy high fidelity shocking sound effect.

● Colorful fabric, decorate your home furnishing life

● Multiple input modes, convenient combination with various devices

● Fine and relaxed voice, let you enjoy the music

● Can be hung on the wall or placed on the table, light and convenient, and excellent sound quality

● Class D high power amplifier, DSP audio correction

● Match with P100 wireless subwoofer to extend low frequency


BT-330 Soundbar Specifications


● Frequency                      70-20000Hz ± 3dB

● Inputs          RCA×2/Coaxial×1/Optical×1/HDMI(ARC)×1

● Power          50W×4/4Ω

● Bluetooth     Bluetooth 4.2,5.8G Wireless Transmitter

● Drivers          3″ Woofer×1,3/4″Dome Tweeter×2

● Power Supply                  24V AC Adapter

● Finish                               Black PVC Finish

● Dimensions                      120(H)*900(W)*75(D)mm

● Shipping dimensions       205(H)*1010(W)*175(D)mm

● Net Weight                         4.5KG/each

● Shipping weight                8.4KG/each


P-100 Active Subwoofer Specifications


● Frequency                          40-80Hz ± 3dB

● Inputs                                  3.5mm Input jack×1

● Power                                  300W/4Ω

● Bluetooth                             5.8G Wireless Transmitter

● Driver                                    8″ Subwoofer×1

● Power Supply                       AC 100~240V,60/50Hz

● Finish                                    Black PVC Finish

● Dimensions                          281.5(H)*270(W)*269(D)mm

● Shipping dimensions           365(H)*355(W)*335(D)mm

● Net Weight                             7.5KG/each

● Shipping weight                    8.9KG/each



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