Audimaxim IC-601

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IC series ultra thin on wall speaker
IC Series adopts full range loudspeaker specially designed for cine-ma, which has wide frequency response and good power handling. Ultra thin on wall design, noble and bright piano paint, simple, fash-ionable and compact, can be easily integrated into a variety of dec-orative styles of home environment, highlighting high-grade style. The ultra-thin design is perfectly matched with the living room LCD TV, coupled with active subwoofer, you can create a set of living room cinema system, which is also suitable for Dolby atmos sky channel.
● Driver components                                                        6.5″ Fullrange speaker×1
● Frequency                                                                     80-18000 Hz ± 3 dB
● Impedance                                                                     8 Ωhm
● Power Handling                                                             80 W
● Sensitivity                                                                      90 dB
● Finish                                                                             High Gloss Paint
● Dimensions                                                                   240(H)*305(W)*95(D)mm
● Shipping dimensions                                                   310(H)*400(W)*310(D)mm (2pcs/CTN
● Net weight                                                                      3.5 KG/each
● Shipping weight                                                            8.5KG/each (2pcs/CTN)



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