Audimaxim IM-402

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IM series is the upgraded version of IC series. It also adopts ultra-thin on wall design and bright piano paint appearance. The difference is that IM series adopts 2-way and two speaker design, which has better sound quality and higher power bearing capacity. The tweeter adopts “AMT” design, which is different from the traditional silk soft dome type and aluminum belt type. AMT tweeter is a large area of special film material folded into an accordion shape. Under the magnetic force of a strong neodymium magnet, the AMT tweeter generates compression mo-tion and emits sound waves from the folded gap. Due to its sound generation mode close to the plane speaker, the directivity of high frequency energy sense is better than the traditional dome type, especially suitable for home theater. The ultra-thin design is also suitable for Dolby Atmos sky channels



● Driver components                                                             “AMT”Tweeter x1 , 4″Woofer x2

● Frequency                                                                            80-26000 Hz ±3dB

● Impedance                                                                           4Ω

● Power Handling                                                                    120W

● Sensitivity                                                                              90dB

● Finish                                                                                      High Gloss Paint

● Dimensions                                                                             165(H)*600(W)*73(D)mm

● Shipping dimensions                                                             250(H)*680(W)*155(D)mm

● Net weight                                                                                 4.6 KG/ each

● Shipping weight                                                                        5.4 KG/each (2pcs/CTN)IM-



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