Audimaxim NP-15 NAS Music Archive Player

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Nowadays, the high-quality streaming media audio quality has far exceeded the CD specification. However, even if you use a server level PC or Mac computer system to play streaming media audio, the sound quality is not ideal, and can not fully play the best audio quality advantages of high-quality streaming media audio. Therefore, a set of servers dedicated to playing and managing streaming media audio files is essential. NP15 adopts a mature and stable industrial computer platform based on Linux system, high-speed SSD solid-state disk, and our unique underlying algorithm and operating system to optimize the internal management path of streaming media digital audio, try to reduce the interference caused by various links in the transmission, control the buffer delay of streaming media digital output at an extremely low level, and explore the best sound quality. NP15 has a built-in 3tb mechanical hard disk, which can store massive audio files and share them to various network terminals through the network. It can also be directly connected to the decoder through USB output, so as to enjoy the purest high-quality digital audio source.Hi-end class A regulated power supply provides the purest power supply for the entire platform. All aluminum cabinet and internal wiring are made of 4N single crystal oxygen-free copper wire. All means are only to bring perfect sound experience.



● USB Interface USB2.0 ×1 , USB3.0 ×1

● Sampling Rate  44.1K/48K/88.2K/96K/176K/192K/384K/2.8M/5.6M

● DSD Format  DSD64,DSD128

● Compatibility IEEE802.3ab(1000BASE-T)

● Power AC 110V/240V , 50/60HZ

● Internal Hard Disk Capacity  3Tb , 3.5inch Hard Disk Drive×1

● Dimensions 105(H)*485(W)*310(D) mm

● Shipping dimensions 232(H)*656(W)*490(D) mm

● Net weight 13 KG/each

● Shipping weight 16.4KG/each