Audimaxim SUB-215

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The new active subwoofer series adopts the newly designed high-efficiency class D power amplifier. According to the characteristics of the subwoofer speaker used, the output power and frequency characteristics can be optimized to make the speaker play the best state. The whole series of subwoofer adopts the exclusive closed cabinet, with the best low-frequency transient characteristics and the least distortion. The SUB series adopts the unique push-pull design of symmetrical left-right parallel twin speaker, which can effectively counteract the harmful resonance caused by loud pressure, and greatly improve the sensitivity and effective sound power of the speak-er.

VKS series adopts single woofer design, small size, strong power, suitable for small rooms, with very high cost performance, is the best choice for the establishment of living room cinema.


● Driver components 15″ Driver ×2

● Frequency 20-250 Hz±3dB

● AMP Power 600W

● Max SPL 126dB

● Voltage Range AC 100V~240V , 60/50Hz

● Dimensions 475(H)*600(W)*475(D) mm

● Shipping dimensions 705(H)*835(W)*705(D) mm

● Net weight 45 KG/each

● Shipping weight 55KG/each