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Audimaxm engineers have always had a particular preference for horn type loudspeakers. Horn type tweeter with a large size woofer speakers, that kind of loose, strong, atmospheric sound, wide frequency response, extremely exciting dynamic range, are incomparable with small-size speakers. However, how to make these highly sensitive horn tweeter produce delicate and elegant timbre like soft dome speakers, and how to reduce the intermodulation distortion caused by high compression ratio of horn treble is a challenging task. After four years of hard work, Audimaxim engineers have developed this set of 75mm beryllium tweeter driver, linear waveguide horn, and low distortion 16 inch paper cone woofer speaker with lightweight linear displacement rubber overhanging edge, which perfectly combines the advantages of horn speaker and traditional dynamic loudspeaker, bringing you incomparable sound of joy.


● Driver components75mm beryllium Horn driver ×1 , 16” Woofer×1

● Frequency 20-20000Hz ±3dB

● Impedance 8Ω

● Power Handling 300W

● Sensitivity 99dB

● Finish High Gloss Paint

● Dimensions 1148(H)*574(W)*732(D)mm

● Shipping dimensions 1535(H)*855W)*1010(D)mm

● Net weight 90KG /each

● Shipping weight 124KG /each