Modell: BL40 MK3Pris: 14990,- / par

Melodika BL40 MK3 is a refreshed version of one of the biggest bestsellers on the Polish audio market. This time, the manufacturer focused on technological modifications in order to meet the changing needs of the Polish market.

What’s new? Modifications of the third generation BL40MK3
Technological changes in the new model are primarily transferring the bass reflex port to the front of the column housing. Thus, the BL40MK3 is a column that can be placed very close to the wall without any loss of sound quality, in particular low tones.

Changes in the location of the bass reflex forced the tuning of the column, so that the characteristics of transducers made of dense glass fiber braid with reduced gradation properly harmonized with the changed way of housing ventilation.

Along with changes in tuning of the crossover, it was decided to use higher-class components for its construction. Finally, the quality of speaker terminals has also been improved.

Housing – twice as good as the competition
The housing was made of MDF boards of increased quality. The interior is equipped with bituminous mats and felts whose function is to dampen and weight the loudspeaker so that it plays without unnecessary distortion at very high volume levels. This is another unique solution that is impossible to meet with any other manufacturer in this segment. This is confirmed by the weight – one piece of BL40MK3 weighs 20 kilograms! This is a result even twice as high as the competition at a similar price.

In addition, reinforcing risers have been added in up to twenty different places! All this to eliminate cabinet vibrations, which are the most serious source of sound distortion in any audio system.

The speakers were placed on demountable, painted high gloss plinths. They are equipped with anodized heavy spikes with adjustment and counter nuts. This solution, known from at least twice as expensive columns, ensures the highest stability and the ability to incline the column, which improves phase harmonics of the transducers. The loudspeaker sockets are made of steel coated with a layer of gold to protect against corrosion.

Tweeter – detailed and gentle on the ear
The soft dome was made of a soaked, stiffen silk. The membrane is surrounded by a flange with a shortened tube connected to a metal acoustic diffuser to ensure the optimal listening field. It is an ideal compromise between linear, accurate high frequency transfer and velvety sound, rich in various colors with a light accretion of analog – so that the sound does not bother excessively during longer listening sessions.

The loudspeaker is equipped with a drive based on a neodymium magnet and protection against overheating and burning. Everything to carry out seamless listening at the highest volume levels.

Midrange transducer – a membrane with a unique braid
The loudspeaker’s diaphragm was made of a dense braided glass fiber braided with a resin with reduced gradation in order to make the membrane work more precisely. The midrange driver is equipped with a fixed aluminum cone correcting the phase and the work of the diaphragm and the coil. The suspension is a classic fold allowing for a deep deflection of the membrane in order to obtain a high sound pressure level. The loudspeaker has a shielded magnetic system.

The woofer – prepared for deep tilts
Membrana niskotonowa to zmodyfikowana wersja średniotonowej, wyposażona w usztywniającą i dociążającą nakładkę przeciwpyłową. Poprawia ona pracę membrany przy głębokim wychyleniu głośnika wydatnie zmniejszając zniekształcenia. Zapobiega także wygięciu i łamaniumembrany, co jest powszechnym zjawiskiem w przypadku tanich kolumn pozbawionych tego rozwiązania. Głośnik posiada ekranowany układ magnetyczny.

Crossover and sound – new modifications, better refined sound
The nevly-tuned crossover has been equipped with higher class components, which positively affected the quality of purity and color of high tones as well as the significant reduction of distortion in the whole band. The BL40MK3 with the front bass reflex and the changed crossover makes a loudspeaker that is much more linear than the previous models. At the same time, it retained its most important features in the form of an entertaining character of the sound. It reveals a high level of dynamics, excellent spatial effects and fast and powerful bass.

If you’re looking for loudspeakers that play live-in-the-sound detail – without the boasting – the BL40MK3 is the perfect choice.

The grilles are equipped with columns in standard – without additional payment.

Packaging – be sure that you will receive the ordered product in an unbroken state
Melodika BL40MK3 is the best secured to transport among speakers at its price and one of the best on the audio market. Massive cartons equipped with protective foams allow for secure multiple transport. When you buy a BL40MK3 online, you can be sure that you will receive fully functional loudspeakers without any trace of logistics company.




Construction: 2.5-way
Loudspeaker type: Passive
Drivers: Dynamic
Tweeter: 1×1 ” (1x25mm) silk dome surrounded by a shortened tube (scatterer) of high tones
Woofers: 1×6.5 ” (1x160mm) densely braided glass fiber with reduced gradation with phase corrector
Cabinet: MDF muted bitumen mats (Daltech technology)
Bass-reflex: Front
Cable connection: Bi Wire (optional)
Impedance: 8 Ohm
Sensitivity: 92dB
Frequency Response: 38 – 20.000Hz
:: Disassemble base
:: Spikes included
:: Max Power Handling: 200W
Height: with base mounted: 97,9cm

without base mounted: 94,7cm

Width: with base mounted: 27cm

without base mounted: 21cm

Depth: with base mounted: 34cm

without base mounted: 32,5cm

Weight: 19kg
Color: Matte black with elements of gloss black
Warranty: 5 years